It's been a crazy month at Hypno!

Posted by George Chase on

Hey Hypno Peeps!

It's been a crazy month so far, since our Grand Opening, and we want to say thank you for that. We are hard at work bringing you the best selection of your favorite items to read, collect, and play. 

Behind the scenes we are rebuilding our webstore and should be up and running soon. 

Game nights are also on the way, once we finish figuring out the best schedule and formats. 

For the month of May,  we do have another special guest! Tracy Lynn Cruz the Yellow Power Ranger will be joining us Saturday May 29th from 11am-6pm, more on that soon.

The main purpose of this post is to say thank you for the great response to our new location! We are building a great community for us all here, and it's exciting. We'll see you at the shop! 

George and Destiny 


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