Draco Mundis

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Tired of living through worldly news that meant nothing to them, the English Aristocrats of the 20th century try to distract themselves on an insane hunt of Draco Septentrionus Verdatis in India. Armed and ready for adventure, Lords, Ladies and Sherpas are ready to confront the hostile jungles of India. In Draco Mundis, you will try to avoid traps placed by your adversaries and to place your characters in the places that will give you the most points. Each team will be composed of identical characters and starting location. The players will place there tokens face down on the board that represents Gangtok. Place your tokens well and you will be able to catch the mystical creatures know as Dragons with your traps!The players have the responsibility of a team of various adventurers and try to gain victory points by exploring the jungle. All players start with exactly the same team. First they must lay down their pawns (characters, terrains) and then, in turn, realize two actions, like move, fight or explore. In order to gain victory points, they can kill their opponents or manage to place some of their characters in strategic points of the map. Each of pawn has its own constraints, e.g. all cannot move in every direction, or have the same movement points and fight points. Some have special abilities.With Draco Mundis, Christophe Boelinger has made another great game that will rival other strategic games. A game by Christophe Boelinger that follows Dungeon Twister’s style Amazing art by Christophe Madura Multiple ways to gain victory A board game 80 tokens: 11 characters, 1 object, and 8 locations for all 4 players 4 player aids A rulebook