Howtoons: Tools of Mass Construction

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From School Library Journal Gr 4–8—Interested in creating a marshmallow shooter? How about a kite? What about designing your own clothes with crayons or creating plush stuffed animals? Siblings Celine and Tucker, who are asked if they can make anything but trouble, are put to the test. These "makers" show readers how they can do it as well. The siblings take kids on their everyday adventures and point out ways to make things out of household items. This title illustrates how makerspaces don't always have to be high tech. Originating at MIT, this is an engaging work that consists of many parts: instruction manual; graphic novel; science, art, math, and design book; and safety guide. It will motivate students to learn concepts and subjects such as physics, measurements, and lab safety through a fun, graphic novel format. The only drawbacks are some of the hard-to-distinguish transitions between "lessons." However, once readers get used to the layout, it will be easier to follow along. The comic book-style artwork is well done and engaging. A necessity for those interested in creating a makerspace or adding STEAM resources to the curriculum, this should be read by teachers, librarians, and most importantly, students.—Mariela Siegert, Westfield Middle School, Bloomingdale, IL Read more Review "Fine, fabulous stuff" -School Library Journal"...perfectly tuned to inspire creativity as well as promote good work habits in budding inventors and mechanical engineers alike." -Kirkus Review"Geeks aren't born, they're made... and here's the instruction manual." -Wired Magazine Read more