Legends of Tomorrow Anthology #2 june 2016

Legends of Tomorrow Anthology #2 june 2016

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Legends of Tomorrow Anthology #2 june 2016

Firestorm in United We Fall Part 2

Multiplex is back—but Jason is in a coma and in critical condition. If Professor Stein is right, finding Multiplex could save Jason—if Stein and Ronnie can fuse together to become Firestorm!

Metal Men in Wanted: Dead Of Decommissioned!

The government wants them destroyed. The mysterious hacker called Nameless wants to experiment on them. But Doctor Will Magnus just wants to keep them safe. Someone is going to get what they want...the question is: who?

Metamorpho in Two Worlds, One Destiny Part 2: Escape Plan

Metamorpho and Sapphire are free of Simon Stagg’s control—but can they reach the Pyramid of Ak-Ton and discover the secret of the Orb of Ra before Kanjar Ro hunts them down?

Sugar & Spike in The Island

Grab your flip-flops and sunscreen—Sugar & Spike are going to Superman Island, a tropical resort shaped like the Man of Steel! Their mission? Stop a group of land developers from uncovering the embarrassing and dangerous Kryptonian secret buried beneath the beach!