Showcase '93 #1 1993

Showcase '93 #1 1993

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Showcase '93 #1 1993

In this issue: Catwoman, Blue Devil, Cyborg. Catwoman's blamed for the theft of Trigote's 'Three Triangles' painting, even though it was already gone when she came to the museum to steal it in "Sorrow Street Chapter One." Script by Doug Moench, art by Ed Hannigan. Plus: Blue Devil in "Speak of the Devil" by Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin, Pete Moriarty & Dan Davis; Cyborg in "A Mind is a Terrible Thing...!" by Len Wein, Phil Jimenez & Al Vey. Front & back covers by Arthur Adams & Terry Austin.

Catwoman – Sorrow Street, Chapter One

A rival thief beat Catwoman to stealing a painting. But of course when the cops show up they don't know this. So Catwoman has to prove she didn't do anything THIS time. 

Blue Devil – Speak of the Devil

When Blue Devil has to deal with a haywire prop missile on a movie set will he find the cause or is it a wrap for our hero?

Cyborg – A Mind is a Terrible Thing…!

While the fo0kls at Star Labs work on waking Cyborg up he does just that. But awakens without any sign of intelligence; however his weapon systems are working splendidly. Will Cyborg be able to run away and fix himself before he hurts somebody?