showcase '95 #5 1995

showcase '95 #5 1995

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showcase '95 #5 1995

Cover pencils by Humberto Ramos, inks by Stan Woch

 Rose & the Thorn – Chasing Ghosts

script by Roger Stern (co-plotter, script) and Howard Simpson (co-plotter), pencils by Howard Simpson, inks by Mark Stegbauer;

Despite Maggie Sawyer getting close to discovering her secret identity, Thorn is able to catch Mr. Orchid.

The Spoiler – Uneven Parallels

Uneven Parallels starring Spoiler, script by Keri Kowalski, pencils by Yancey Labat, inks by Christian Alamy

Spoiler exposes her gym teacher as a drug dealer.

Firehawk – A Little Taste of Flame

script by Shon C. Bury, pencils by Ramon Bernado, inks by Mike Sellers;

Firehawk must stop Parasite when he breaks out of S.T.A.R. Labs.