Spring: Sink or Swim (Fire I)

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Review “Mix one maverick comics publisher, a horror movie classic, a renowned video game company and some of the best oral storytellers from the popular The Moth Radio Hour and you have a pretty unusual mix for a new line of comics. You could also have a hit.” – Rich Shivener (Rich Shivener, Publishers Weekly)"Since its initial release in 1968, George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead has captivated audiences, and as part of the public domain, Romero’s classic film has been re-explored in other stories over the years. Sometimes these projects are ill advised, but with its impressive expansion of Romero’s zombified world, Double Take’s new ultimate night of the living dead comic book series is a reimagining worth reading." (Derek Anderson, Daily Dead)"What began as a sequel of sorts to George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Deadhas morphed into a unique creature that stands sturdily on its own two feet. For many of the ten individual-yet-intertwined series under the Night of the Living Dead: Revival label, only about 24 hours have passed since their stories kicked off last September in their respective first issues. Now those initial issues have transformed into something truly special, and like a baby growing at an accelerated rate, these stories are all grown up from where they started (which was a pretty damn good beginning). They have surpassed their original expectations and are now raising hell and having fun outside the playpen, making these #4 issues the best treats yet for readers." (Derek Anderson, Daily Dead)"The writing is solid. The story isn't dominating and balanced with real dialogue. There's a very emotional scene that plays out with the writing and the artwork and really showed that the two are syncing up." (Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards)"This is definitely the best book of the Double Take releases this week and not only important to the series, but the universe it’s taking place in. I don’t recommend reading just one Double Take title. I think they’re better read together and so if you can only afford to take a look at a few, make sure that Slab and more importantly Spring makes that list." (Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards)"If you’re looking for a book to begin your foray into Double Take Comics’ universe, then SPRING seems like a good choice. While Double Take Comics’ universe is shared with the classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD film, the books have expanded on a lot of the history of the time period, helping this book to really feel like a 1960’s relic. The art has a style that reminds me of the time period, and is very well done: soft coloring lends for a bit more dimension, and there’s some artful censoring. The 60’s art-style aside, there’s plenty to remind you of when this story is taking place. The front of the comic features a page of hit songs, movies, and TV shows from the 1960’s, which is honestly a bit unsettling. The comic reminds us right away that this story is happening in 1966, which means about half of those icons that this page introduces us to probably will never exist in this universe. It’s a strange thought that put me off balance, which I think is a good think for a zombie-universe comic. By pulling me into this reality and reaching this realization, I felt a bit more connected to the story." (Travis Czap, ComicsVerse) Read more About the Author Bill Jemas is the General Manager at Double Take. He was formerly the President of Consumer Products, Publishing and New Media at Marvel from 2000 to 2003. During his time at Marvel, he turned the company around from bankruptcy and launched "Ultimate Marvel." Bill started his career as a tax attorney after graduating Harvard Law School. He then went to work for the National Basketball Association during the league's most explosive period of exponential growth-from 1985 through 1992. Young Heller graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2011. He interned in Marvel comics and illustrated comics and books (Zombie Combat Manual). He also does storyboards for films (The Harvest (2015)), TV spots and short films.
Jenn Sodini: A Pittsburgh native, Jenn Sodini has lived in Chicago's Wicker Park for over a decade. In addition to winning a Moth StorySLAM and being featured on The Moth Radio Hour, she has been featured at several of Chicago's storytelling shows including Collector's Edition, The Blackout Diaries and That's All She Wrote. She is proud to host and co-produce story-and-live-music series The First Time in support of CHIRP Radio, where she was an on-air DJ for 3 years. She is now a co-producer and regular reader for the monthly show Psychotic Break at Schuba's.
John Flynn: John Flynn is an actor/writer/comedian who lives in LA. He performs and teaches at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. You can follow him on twitter, @JFly99, where he mostly just goes to movies and makes fun of them. Read more