Superman #77 March 1993

Superman #77 March 1993

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Superman #77 March 1993

While Luthor continues to pursue Superman's body, Jonathan Kent arrives at the hospital. Will Pa survive, or will he join his son in the afterlife?


"DC Universe" one page text piece featuring "R.I.P. Superman" what's new for 1993 to include Vertigo leaving DC, "New Stars on the Horizon" featuring the debut of Darkstars in their own title, "How to Draw Lobo" and "DC Bullets" Lee Moder makes his debut in Wonder Woman #72, Scott Peterson and Bill Kaplan are DC's newest editors, Tim Truman and John Ostrander team up for the last issue of Hawkworld #32 and Kevin Dooley paid $10 and a ham sandwich to get his name in this issue of DC Universe.

Series goes on a two month hiatus till June 1993.

Triangle 1993 #10.

Chronological continuation from Action Comics #686.

Chronological continuation in Adventures of Superman #500.