The Death of Archie: A Life Celebrated

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Review "It seems fitting that Archie would go out a hero." --CNN"Archie Comics has been taking numerous chances with their characters in the past half decade." --MTV"Genuinely poignant, and even one of the most memorable death scenes in comics." --COMIC BOOK RESOURCES"Riverdale just won't be the same." --THE NEW YORK TIMES"Wait, what?" --ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY"A true American icon is meeting an untimely end this summer." --HOLLYWOOD REPORTERPraise for LIFE WITH ARCHIE:"The most fascinating Archie comic ever printed." --COMICS ALLIANCE"The most consistently entertaining comic being written right now." --TOPLESS ROBOT"Something exciting is happening in Riverdale." --THE NEW YORK TIMES"An invigorating soap opera." --BOOKLIST Read more About the Author PAUL KUPPERBERG is the writer of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed LIFE WITH ARCHIE MAGAZINE and ARCHIE: THE MARRIED LIFE graphic novels for Archie Comics. He has also written many other titles including SUPERMAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and THE SIMPSONS. Read more