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From Publishers Weekly Lovely and enigmatic, Australian artist/writer Riddle's fantasy begins with expressionless angels resembling small children descending into a gloomy city whose skies are filled with zeppelins and a haze of factory smoke. The angels are invisible to the inhabitants, whose stiffly posed bodies are topped by the heads of antique statues. As they try to mend the mortals, one angel is overcome by fatigue and sinks to the ground, where it becomes visible and immobile so that it is hoisted to a pedestal as a piece of decorative art. Fortunately an odd little band of rescuers restores the angel to health so it can take flight again. That simple plot is related in a wispy poem threaded through Riddle's gorgeous collages of the dreadful metropolis, interrupted by hovering white angels and glimpses of blue sky. This title will likely appeal more to adults than to children, but kids may also respond to its uncanny beauty. (Oct,) Read more Review “Reading this book is like being quietly ushered into another dimension by winged strangers, a place beyond the tread of normal earthbound language. Ephemeral as a feather, timeless as a rock, and as true as both, Unforgotten is a magical experience.”—Shaun Tan, author of Lost & Found and The Arrival Read more See all Editorial Reviews